Guess which Teen Mom is having another Baby?

One Teen Mom’s fiance just revealed that he and his Teen Mom star are expecting their first child together. Can you guess who this Teen Mom is?

Why it’s none other than Leah Messer from Teen Mom 2! At 19 years old, Leah Messer is already a mother of twins and is expecting her third child, with her new fiance, Jeremy Calvert.

According to Us Weekly and Teen Mom blog, Jeremy popped the question over the holidays.

Messer has yet to confirm the news herself, but Jeremy reportedly told Reality Weekly “Yes, Leah is having my baby! I was at work when Leah called to tell me. She’d gotten blood work done and it came back positive. At first I was kind of surprised — but I was happy.”

Jeremy also says he got her a 1.5 carat princess-cut diamond and presented it to Leah on Christmas Day.

01/05/12 at 1:26pm
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